Why was VTA created?

I attended a mindfulness session at work during a staff development day. This session left me feeling like I did over twenty years ago, when I trained 6 nights a week with my karate teacher. I felt good; great in fact.  This then led me to think about what karate has given me in life, how it has shaped me.  I looked at the principles of karate, the main aim being to seek perfection of character.  Karate is just the vehicle to get there. What I got from karate was invaluable life skills, skills which have guided me through the highs and lows of life, such as respect, trust and self-discipline. These skills, and many others, are taught in our schools today, but in a very different way. Values Through Action has been created to teach Values, in a traditional way through Karate, the way that people in Japan have been learning for many, many years...with a modern twist to excite and engage our younger generation.

What I offer is an education focused workshop, as I am an experienced classroom practitioner, delivered in a fun and active way to ensure that pupils experience the values themselves, through action.  They will demonstrate how to trust their partners, show courage in doing things that they have never tried before, develop self-confidence and discipline and show respect to one another, as well as many other valuable qualities which we, as educators, want for all of our pupils.

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