what VTA Offers

 - Karate Workshops for all of school pupils - they will learn and practise basic techniques to be able to defend themselves.

 - Teaching of Values, such as respect, courage and trust, through karate activities.

 - Mindfulness - students will be taught how to meditate and to remain 'present' to focus on their learning and to show kindness - they will begin to develop the 'Mind of a Master.'

 - Sports Leader training - students are offered exclusive workshop training to help them deliver sessions alongside VTA Instructor.

 - Whole School Assemblies - As part of our daily workshop offering we can provide 'Karate Mindfulness' assemblies, where Karate and its links with Mindfulness can be introduced.

Having extensive classroom experience, covering all aspects of the curriculum, VTA offers a range of workshops to suit your school and its values.  With a wealth of experience teaching Physical Education across the primary phase and delivering weekly Values lessons to reflect school SEMH objectives, VTA can offer a training package to suit your school.  All workshops provided will encourage active participation for all pupils, help to instil core values and teach them some basics of self defence.

VTA offers bespoke as well as 'Off the Shelf' workshops to cater for specific needs of individual schools.  Our basic (and most popular workshop) teaches children values (respect, courage and trust) via basic karate techniques.  These workshops are ideal as taster sessions to engage pupils in physical activity, teaches them some basic self-defence techniques, values and MFL (Japanese), as well as meeting some of the Literacy (Speaking and Listening objectives).  ALL of the VTA workshops include elements of Mindfulness practice, which can be continued in the classroom afterwards.  These workshops can be run in small or large schools, and session times can be from twenty minutes up to an hour (depending on number of sessions required). 

Using our free 'Classroom Karate' series of videos, schools can also customise workshops for each class, allowing the children to choose which activity and techniques they would like to practise during their sessions.

VTA offers full and half day sessions, allowing small and large schools the opportunity to engage with us to deliver Karate Values workshops.

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