Values Through Action has produced a video series, called 'Classroom Karate.'  This video series is designed to bring karate into the classroom, and be taught in a confined space.  Inspired by lockdown, each video teaches a new basic karate technique and a mindfulness exercise, to enable schools to offer something different to their children.  As schools are increasing their level of mindfulness activities, this series fits perfectly in that space, but also enables basic self defence to be taught.

The videos are free to all schools, all they need to to is to email us through the contacts page, using their school email address, and a link will be provided to access the content and other information regarding our workshops.

If schools watch the videos, they will then be able to create their own bespoke workshops for their schools, based on the technique choices of individual classes.  For example, one class might want to practise upper blocks and low blocks, using the blocking equipment, whereas another class might want to practise the outside block and front snap kick.  It enables schools to maximise their investment in working with VTA, and for VTA to add even greater value to what we already provide.

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