Values Through Action is proud to offer a mentoring service for Sports Leaders.  Working alongside a VTA instructor, all VTA trained Sports Leaders will have the opportunity to help deliver Karate workshops, developing their leadership skills, including peer mentoring and communication.


By engaging with Values Through Action to help train your Sports Leaders, you will equip them with skills to help run their own activities within workshops, including the organisation, communication and delivery.


How will VTA train my Sports Leaders?

We can train your Sports Leaders in one of two ways:

1) Via dedicated training sessions, where only Sports Leaders will be invited to attend.  These sessions would enable pupils to run through a basic workshop, breaking down individual movements, to help them then teach those moves to others.  As part of this workshop, safety considerations will also be taught, as well as identifying space and equipment needed to run a workshop, and how to communicate effectively with learners, including giving positive feedback and areas for improvement.  

2) Via Karate Values Workshops.  Values Through Action offer a range of in-school Karate workshops to help teach values, such as respect, courage and trust.  Sports Leaders are encouraged to help deliver these sessions by working with the instructor to demonstrate techniques and partner routines, as well as learning and developing other important skills.



With schools benefitting from Sports Premium funding, and more and more schools recruiting pupil Sports Leaders to help run sporting events, this is the perfect time for you to invest in quality, purposeful training to help your pupils be part of your school’s ongoing sporting success.  Each pupil mentored will receive a VTA Certificate of Sports Leadership and will be invited to help run future Karate workshops at your school for ongoing leadership development.

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