Values Through Action offers a mentoring service to help pupils overcome specific difficulties, promoting a more positive perception of themselves and enhancing their wellbeing.  Pupils identified for this service will help deliver karate sessions; developing and reinforcing the positive life skills being taught throughout each workshop.
Pupil Sports Leaders could also access the mentoring scheme, to learn invaluable leadership skills and help run the sessions to develop their peer mentoring skills.  This would be a fantastic use of Sports Premium funding, and would enable pupils to transfer skills to new leaders each year to maintain a high level of leadership.
Pupils (Primary) will be required to 'sign' a contract, which outlines the necessary behaviour required to help successfully deliver the workshops.  In addition to this, and in discussion with the individual pupils and staff, short and long-term aims for each pupil may be set.  Pupil performance to achieve these aims should be discussed prior to each visit with a designated member of staff.
This is an optional and fully confidential service, which is offered if individual schools feel that it will be of value in addition to the Karate Values workshops.

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